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Festivals Malta launches its new branding & strategy for the next 5 years

Festivals Malta has launched its rebranding and the strategy for the next five years earlier today.

“It was time for Festivals Malta to launch its rebranding. This rebranding is taking place in a scenario where Festivals Malta, as an Agency, has grown singificantly and has become the main driver for the promotion of the creative and performative arts in the country. I am very pleased with the success of this agency and I am confident that it will continue to grow with increasing success in the future”, said Minister Herrera.

Annabelle Stivala, CEO of Festivals Malta, highlighted the Agency’s achievements over the past 4 years. “Festivals Malta has evolved considerably because of its achievements and has consequently outgrown its brand”. Ms Stivala explained that when Festivals Malta hived off from Arts Council Malta in 2019, the need to rebrand was already being felt. “The new brand is dynamic, vibrant, and bold and it was designed to be more relevant to what we stand for today and to grow with us in the years to come”, said Stivala.

As part of this rebranding excercise the Agency also revamped its website so that it is more user friendly, more efficient, and more accessible to all users. This new version of the website has been developed with an improved layout and design, with an optimised mobile version that facilitates navigation for mobile users.

Stivala also spoke about the Agency’s new strategy, which is based on five fundamental pillars for the next five years, hence why it is being called the +25 Strategy. A strategy that is built on the legacy, the evolution, the proficiency, the partnerships, and methodology.

Mr Norman Hamilton, Chairman of Festivals Malta spoke with pride of the growth he is honoured to have witness over the last few years. He went on the state that “Festivals Malta is an agency that has never faltered in the face of challenges and has always found a way to achieve its goals while also exceeding expectations”. Mr Hamilton said that the agency’s achievements speak volumes of what Festivals Malta is all about, “these are qualities that instill an immense sense of pride in me....for an agency like Festivals Malta, the sky is the limit.”


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