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Legendary Jazz Trumpeter Wallace Roney passes away

Legendary trumpeter Wallace Roney passed away yesterday after facing complications from COVID-19. The American Jazz icon is known far and wide amongst the musical community, earning a reputation as one of the best modern-day musicians of the genre.

Roney was born on May 25th, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started playing the trumpet in his childhood years, being found to have perfect pitch at just four years old. Known to many as the ‘Jazz Trumpet Virtuoso’, Wallace Roney went from being mentored by master trumpeter, Miles Davis, evolving from his protégé into a prominent figure within the jazz community.

Wallace Roney’s ties with Malta date back to 1995, when he performed during the Malta Jazz festival at Ta’ Liesse Valletta. The Artistic Director at the time, Charles Gatt, recalled that Roney had missed his flight the day he was meant to perform. However, his performance was postponed to the following day and he was able to honour Maltese jazz lovers with one of his unforgettable performances.

Roney will surely be remembered by the Jazz community and music lovers alike. We are certain that his music will forever be a part of Jazz music history.

Photo by Joe Smith at Malta Jazz Festival 1995


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