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Vacancy: Procurement & Administration Executive (Closed)

Jobsplus Permit Number: 277/2019

Entity: Arts Council Malta - Festivals Malta

Position: Procurement & Administration Executive

Employment Type: Full Time - Indefinite Contract

Basic Salary: €27,340

Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Masters Degree in Management, Public Administration, Finance, Business or related area and one year experience in a procurement role


  • First degree in Management, Public Administration, Finance, Business or related area, and 3 years experience in a procurement role

  • Ability to work under pressure and oversee a complex administrative function.

  • Knowledge of Government legislation and regulations is an asset.

  • Well-developed interpersonal and oral/written communication skills.

  • Ability to motivate and lead staff in a highly dynamic organization.


  1. Managing the Section / Unit within which the employee is performing duties;

  2. Establish international and local supplier databases;

  3. Negotiating best quality at the lowest prices / value for money;

  4. Administer on-line purchasing systems;

  5. Provide assistance to the Contracting Authorities throughout the public procurement cycle, including the preparation of procurement documents and act as a Chairperson within the evaluation process;

  6. Effect detailed vetting of procurement documents for Supplies, Services or Work tenders;

  7. Provide assistance to the Contracting Authorities in the preparation of all the necessary processes for the publication of the calls for tenders;

  8. Assist the Department and Contracting Authorities to answer any clarifications that may arise during the tendering period and evaluation;

  9. Review / Assist in the selection of members of staff to sit on the Evaluation Committees;

  10. Attend during Tender Opening Sessions and other pertinent assignments in order to ensure that all the stipulated regulations are adhered to;

  11. Spearhead and prepare the review of evaluation reports prepared by the Evaluation Committees for DCC meetings;

  12. Prepare or assist in the drafting and signing of contracts and other related documents for Supplies, Services or Work tenders;

  13. Prepare monthly status reports to enable the monitoring and enforcement of public procurement procedures;

  14. Operate IT Systems, including the e-procurement portal (ePPS), used for management of calls for tenders and reporting of public procurement;

  15. Represent the Contracting Authority in meetings locally and abroad;

  16. Prepare reports concerning cases involving the Contracting Authorities and represent the Department in front of Boards, Tribunals and Courts of Law;

  17. Manage the acquisition process and ascertain supplies needed in relevant circumstances;

  18. Responsible to study consumption records and inventory levels to manage the process efficiently and effectively together with forecasting patterns;

  19. Placing orders, checking and expediting deliveries;

  20. Managing and training of staff;

  21. appraising products and services through market research by analysing market conditions and seeking new markets;

  22. Formulation, implementation and monitoring of the policies, protocols and operating procedures and manuals;

  23. Monitoring of purchasing and procurement functions in line with Public Procurement and Financial Regulations;

  24. Liaison with the Stores and Distribution Management to review stocks for handling alternative reordering purposes to avoid overstocking and expiries;

  25. Monitoring that items received are as per specifications set out in relevant purchase orders so as to limit over / under ordering;

  26. Ensuring that goods and supplies are received just-in-time through efficient routing strategies mitigate stock out and low stocks;

  27. Ensuring that the necessary research has been carried out with regard to supplier and products so as to be in a position to select the best procurement strategy;

  28. Preventing, investigating and reporting inefficiencies or possible misconduct in the acquisition system and identifying any corrective action required;

  29. Ensuring the timely processing of all purchase orders, schedule delivery dates and transportation methods;

  30. Maintain low stock items and stock outs to a minimal level across all entities together with drawing up routine reports based on the value of expenditure and reasons for shortages;

  31. In liaison with the Finance Manager conducts cash flow requirements in line with budget vote and supply data to MFIN;

  32. Maintains accounts payables in line with the Late Payment Directive;

  33. Ensures that supplier is giving the government entity value for money in addition to the supply of product or service;

  34. Responsible for "post contract" management to ensure that supplier is honoring the terms of the contract and is giving value for money;

  35. Must ensure that "pre-contract" milestones are met and within the procurement regulations;

  36. Carry out any other duties as directed by the Director Festivals Malta and/or his/her representative according to the exigencies of the Public Service;

  37. Any other duties according to the exigencies

If you are interested in becoming part of our team,

kindly apply by sending a CV on by 26/08/2019.


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