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Ballroom / Contemporary Fusion

Harriet Waghorn & Carmine De Amicis


Dance Festival Malta 2022

Workshop Dates

30 July 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm


The Dance Workshop, 1 Triq San Lawrenz, Tal-Pietà, Malta

Class Description

EDIFICE’s unique combination of ballroom and contemporary makes it different from any other company working in the UK, creating partner work that combines the speed, passion and connection of ballroom, with the fluidity, freedom and connection of contemporary dance.

A dynamic class working through  a hybrid practice of ballroom and contemporary. The class looks to find the articulation of the spine and pelvis through actions from Latin dance, and bring these principles into finding a 3-dimensional, sinuous contemporary dance language. Offering a  rare technical understanding to partnering in dance. Working with Contemporary and Ballroom principles we teach dancers how to understand, sense, support and lead other dancers.  We work to understand chains of articulation the body, levels of weight transfer, how to create change of speed and direction in the body and how to create elasticity in connection. This is truly a unique class and an asset to any contemporary dancer.

Level Description

• Minimum 3 years dance experience

• Dancers with ballroom technique experience encouraged to attend this class to explore new approaches

• Targets dance creators who are looking for new practices and methods blending choreographic conventions

• Organic approaches to the use of the torso that lead into interesting and challenging movements

Session 1

Date: 30/07/2022

Time: 10AM – 12PM

Studio 2

This event follows all current Covid-19 regulations.

The Festival cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury to yourself, or damage to any personal property that may occur when taking part in any classes.

Terms & Conditions

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