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The musical project Le due lune launching a new conversation between East and West.

Le due lune is a project of the World Youth Orchestra with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Cultural Institute in La Valletta, and Tombolini Fashion Group.

The performance is a multi-ethnic path that crosses and unites two different cultures that are intrinsically linked together: the Arab-Islamic world and the West.

With the combination of narration and music, Le due lune alternates between the elegance of the spoken word and the seduction of sounds, mixed with imagery that tells the long history of exchanges between Asia, the Middle East, and Mediterranean Europe.

Its narration is through the sound of Italian and Arabic languages, accompanied by the universal language of music, which will invite the viewer to cross every linguistic-cultural barrier, every geographical border, to tell the story of inclusiveness, peace, and tolerance.

Le due lune will be performed in Piazza Teatru Rjal on the 1st October at 8:30 pm with text and musical direction by Damiano Giuranna, along with the participation of the Italian actress Valeria Almerighi, the Tunisian actress Mira Rezgui and musicians of the World Youth Orchestra.

The sound of the Italian and Arabic languages, musical instruments, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern musical traditions will be the protagonists of this scenic invention.

"The performance focuses on a specific tale from One Thousand and One Nights, interpreted through Italian poems and arias from the 16th and 17th centuries, from verses belonging to medieval Arab literature and music from the ancient Maghrebian and Arab-Andalusian tradition. At the center of the show is the female protagonist Shahrazād, an archetypal and universal emblem of female intelligence and wisdom. She is a figure that perfectly represents two faces of the same reality: two cultures, Western and Eastern, communicating using the privileged tool of art as a message of brotherhood, love, and beauty", says the director of the World Youth Orchestra Foundation Damiano Giuranna.

Download the full Press Release here:

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